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Ravel (out)


  1. unravel; untangle.

  2. undo (twisted, knitted, or woven threads).

Pinterest-Inspired Ogden Cami Hack

Pinterest-Inspired Ogden Cami Hack

Do you ever see an outfit on Pinterest and think, “I can make that!” Well, I do all the time and I have hundreds of saved pins to prove it. This past weekend, I decided to finally make one of them. With the help of the Ogden Cami pattern which is one of my tried and true patterns, I was able to make my Pinterest dreams come true. Now I have my own ruffle top in my closet!


Pattern Used: Ogden Cami by True Bias

Fabric Used: Dotted Rayon Cotton Voile by Blackbird Fabrics


Pinterest inspired photo:

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 11.25.02 PM.png

Steps for the hack:

  1. Sew up the Ogden Came as per the pattern instructions but do not hem your came yet. Make sure you make to the length where you want the peplum to start. For me I wanted the peplum to start at my natural waist so I made sure the top ended at my natural waist.

  2. Make the first ruffle peplum. I measured the entire circumference of the top’s bottom hem and multiplied it by 2 to achieve my ruffles. If you want more volume, multiply it by 3. For the peplum length, it will depend on how long you want your top to be.

  3. For the second diagonal ruffle, use the same measurements as the first one. Then finish all the edges with your desired method. I serged the top edge and folded it over once. For the bottom and sides, I folded them over twice and used a straight stitch to finish it.

  4. Pin diagonal ruffle to the top following the curve you desire. I personally pinned it, tried the top on and then adjusted it as desired while I was still wearing it. My ruffle went from the side seam to the top of my strap/shoulder.

  5. Sew down the top edge of the ruffle to the top once you like how it looks. I made two rows of stitches at the top edge. One stitch will work fine as well.

  6. Hem the bottom/peplum ruffle and you’re done!


Here are a few more photos:


I really hope this is helpful to someone. I am not great with tutorials so if it doesn’t make sense and you need more clarification, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Happy sewing!

Sylvia XOXO

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