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Ravel (out)


  1. unravel; untangle.

  2. undo (twisted, knitted, or woven threads).

Rosebud Pipit Loungewear Set

Rosebud Pipit Loungewear Set

BLOG UPDATE: I have finally finished making the shorts for the Pipit Loungewear set! This is a mismatched set and I plan to make another for fall with some modifications including making a separate waistband for the shorts. Enjoy the updated photos below and then go ahead and read the original post too :-)


ORIGINAL POST: Loungewear is something I had never considered making until I saw the Pipit Loungewear pattern by Common Stitch. But even then, I knew I would wear it out so I had to make sure it didn’t look too much like loungewear haha! In came this gorgeous rosebud poplin from Measure Fabric and I knew right away it would work perfectly.


Fabric & Pattern Details

I chose to use this gorgeous fabric because I figured it would give just the right amount of structure I wanted. I love cotton poplins so there was not much hesitation. Unfortunately, the rosebud cotton poplin is sold out so I couldn’t on Measure Fabric’s website at this moment but they do stock some gorgeous unique fabrics so you can still check them out here.


The Pipit Loungewear pattern by Common Stitch is staple set perfect for intermediate sewists or beginner sewists who want a little challenge. It is loose fitting so it is very forgiving which I love. The fluted sleeves that the pattern features is definitely what attracted me to this pattern initially.



Unfortunately I did not have enough fabric to make the full set so I chose to make just the top. For this first time, I chose to reduce the dramatic fluted sleeves (even though I love it) by using an elastic at the hem. I also use 5/8” seam allowance throughout the project and sewed a 1/4” hem. That’s it. No other modifications were made.


My bust measurement: 40”

My waist measurement: 34”

Pattern size made (top): Size 16


I paired it with a ready to wear (RTW) linen blend shorts and I think it went well together. Hoping to make the complete set soon.

Happy sewing,

Sylvia XOXO

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